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Robust, evolving, and always available cloud-based software for home care agencies and professionals.



Powered by Shoshana Technologies, the Rosemark System is designed from the ground up to help grow your home care business while providing a solution that’s easy to use.

Designed for Ease-of-Use

Customizable & Scalable

A Fully Mobile Software Solution

Complete Resource Reliability


Accessible from any mobile device, the Rosemark System provides you with the tools to take command of client care, stay informed of developments in the field, and respond to urgent situation…all in real, from anywhere.

Client Management

  • Flexible scheduling tools – easy set up of daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly scheduling patterns; color coded calendars specifically engineered for home care
  • Care plans – create customized assessments in the field
  • Task recording – record daily activities through the phone or
    mobile app
  • People matching – Availability, authorization, and skills matching
    to ensure right fit between client and caregiver
  • Client portal – Review schedule details
Telephony & EVV

  • Field visibility – automated no show alerts, real time shift details,
    automatic shift verification
  • Communications – broadcast messages, personal messages,
    voice mail recording
  • Activity monitoring – task prompting and recording through
    phone or mobile app
  • GPS location capabilities – log-in from mobile device, location mapping

  • QB connection – our 2 way (API) sync with QuickBooks™ allow you to
    seamlessly send billing information back and forth from Rosemark
  • Printable Invoices – Bill shifts, mileage, reimbursable expenses
  • Integrated long term care insurance and VA forms – CMS-1500
    & UB-04
  • Electronic Medicaid billing – 837p & 837i capabilities

  • QB connection – our 2 way (API) sync with QuickBooks allow you to
    seamlessly send timesheet information back and forth from Rosemark
  • 3rd party payroll exports – Data files, .csv spreadsheets for
    Paychex, ADP, PayChoice, etc.
  • Payroll reports – customizable summary and detailed reports
    tracking multiple pay rates, Overtime pay, Travel time pay, mileage,
    reimbursable expenses
CG Management Tools

  • Credentials tracking – customizable licensing and certification
    monitoring, automatic expiration reminders
  • Caregiver portal – review schedules, view client care notes, accept/
    refuse shift offers, record tasks
  • Employee retention tools – track recruiting, retaining, and
    rewarding caregivers
  • Integrated job application – Links to website or job board,
    automatic creation of new applicant file, email notification alerts
HIPAA Compliance

  • Shoshana Technologies agrees not to use or disclose Protected
    Health Information other than as permitted or required by this
    Agreement or as Required By Law.
Communications Suite

  • Multiple messaging options – Email, SMS text, Email-to-text, phone
  • Group messaging – mass messages, create groups from contact lists
  • Shift Offers – immediate send and response, message qualified
    caregivers by individual or group
  • Broadcast messages – specific to an individual client, caregiver, or
    all caregivers, recording delivered upon caregiver log in
  • Automated shift reminders – daily notification of next day
    schedule sent to caregivers as text, email, or both
Contact Relations Tools

  • Log calls – record and organize call activity by client, caregiver,
    referrer, etc.
  • Log and monitor daily office activities – real-time scheduling edits,
    caregiver interviews, trainings, employee disciplinary actions
  • Plan & measure marketing efforts – business introductions, lead
    generation, revenue reports
  • Track referrals – identify key relationships, record nurturing

  • Minute to minute reporting of shift activities – log ins/log outs,
    caller id, tasks, reimbursables
  • Checks & balances – unbillable shifts, unpayable shifts, OT problems
  • Statistics – hours by service, hours by caregiver, unscheduled
    shift hours
  • Strategic business numbers – new client inquires, lead to close
    rates, margins by client, full time equivalency (FTE) stats
Data Security

  • Server security – Physical site security, 24/7/365 monitoring, access
    control, redundant HVAC, full firewall, power and fire protection.
  • SSH Password protection – Secure Shell (SSH). Each Rosemark
    account database is entirely separate from any other; access to
    one’s account in no way gives access to any other account.
  • Data encryption – SSL RSA with RC4 128-bit SHA encryption.
  • Backups – database transactions are mirrored in real-time to at
    least 3 other production servers. This transaction-by-transaction
    redundancy essentially eliminates the possibility of data loss.
    Nightly disk backups provide archive data snapshots.
Superior Customer Care

  • Dedicated customer care manager – personal account
    representative focusing on the success of your agency
  • One on one technical support – immediate access to full staff
    through phone or email, on call 24/7
  • Multi-dimensional training – individual or group training, videos,
    weekly webinars
Strategic Counsel

  • Owner to owner conversations that get to the heart of your
    business growth
  • Regular webinars that include best business practices

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